Earth and Life Through Time;

Historical Geology, and Geological History.


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Phylum↓ Meaning↓ Common name↓ Distinguishing characteristic↓ Species described↓
Acanthocephala Thorny headed worms Thorny-headed worms Reversible spiny proboscis 756 approx.
Acoelomorpha Without gut Acoels No mouth or alimentary canal (alimentary canal = digestive tract in digestive system)
Annelida Little ring Segmented worms Multiple circular segment 16,300 extant approx.
Arthropoda Jointed foot Arthropods Chitin exoskeleton 1,134,000+
Brachiopoda Arm foot Lamp shells Lophophore and pedicle 300-500 extant
Bryozoa Moss animals Moss animals, sea mats Lophophore, no pedicle, ciliated tentacles 5,000 extant
Chaetognatha Longhair jaw Arrow worms Chitinous spines either side of head, fins 100 extant approx.
Chordata Cord Chordates Hollow dorsal nerve cordnotochordpharyngeal slitsendostyle, post-anal tail 100,000+ approx.
Cnidaria Stinging nettle Coelenterates Nematocysts (stinging cells) 11,000 approx.
Ctenophora Comb bearer Comb jellies Eight “comb rows” of fused cilia 100 extant approx.
Cycliophora Wheel carrying Symbion Circular mouth surrounded by small cilia 3+
Echinodermata Spiny skin Echinoderms Fivefold radial symmetry in living forms, mesodermal calcified spines 7,000 extant approx.; 13,000 extinct approx.
Echiura Spine tail Spoon worms Set of hooks at posterior end 140 approx.
Entoprocta Inside anus Goblet worm Anus inside ring of cilia 150 approx.
Gastrotricha Hair stomach Meiofauna Two terminal adhesive tubes 690 approx.
Gnathostomulida Jaw orifice Jaw worms 100 approx.
Hemichordata Half cord Acorn worms, pterobranchs Stomochord in collar, pharyngeal slits 100 extant approx.
Kinorhyncha Motion snout Mud dragons Eleven segments, each with a dorsal plate 150 approx.
Loricifera Corset bearer Brush heads Umbrella-like scales at each end 122 approx.
Micrognathozoa Tiny jaw animals Accordion like extensible thorax 1
Mollusca Soft Mollusks / molluscs Muscular foot and mantle round shell 112,000[8]
Nematoda Thread like Round worms Round cross section, keratin cuticle 80,000–1,000,000
Nematomorpha Thread form Horsehair worms 320 approx.
Nemertea A sea nymph Ribbon worms 1,200 approx.
Onychophora Claw bearer Velvet worms Legs tipped by chitinous claws 200 extant approx.
Orthonectida Straight swim Single layer of ciliated cells surrounding a mass of sex cells 20 approx.
Phoronida Zeus’s mistress Horseshoe worms U-shaped gut 20
Placozoa Plate animals 1
Platyhelminthes Flat worms Flat worms 25,000 approx.[9]
Porifera* Pore bearer Sponges Perforated interior wall 5,000+ extant
Priapulida Little Priapus 16
Rhombozoa Lozenge animal Single axial cell surrounded by ciliated cells 75
Rotifera Wheel bearer Rotifers Anterior crown of cilia 2,000 approx.
Sipuncula Small tube Peanut worms Mouth surrounded by invertible tentacles 144–320
Tardigrada Slow step Water bears Four segmented body and head 1,000+
Xenoturbellida Strange flatworm Ciliated deuterostome 2
Total: 36 2,000,000-
Protostome Bilateria

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September 9, 2011 at 3:51 am

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